Steve Lewis, a.k.a. ByrdmanSteve, a Damn Yankee who was born in New York City and settled in SW Florida at the age of seven where he would remain until the present. He was the quiet, shy, distracted one that was forever being moved from the window seat in school. A daydreamer no doubt. Raised on his father’s Big Band music, he had a love for music at an early age. As a child, Steve would wow his family pounding out melodies like the Rocky theme on the family organ but no aspirations of becoming a musician were prevalent just yet. Rock n Roll would penetrate Steve as a young teenager by means of a few very notable destiny altering moments in time. The first encounter was a Jimi Hendrix cassette scavenged after falling out of a moving car. Next, and with more significance, a neighbor friend would change everything after sending Steve home with Ted Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever album. With little expectation based on the psychotic looking man on the cover, no one could have predicted the fireworks that followed after just one listen! Planets and universes relocated. It wasn’t long before the persona of Ted Nugent would become a beacon of existence for this young, shy and distracted boy. With love for Ted Nugent, his music, attitude, Nugent’s love of good clean living and of course the sound, Steve decided to buy his first guitar. With little confidence he would be able to learn, his 10th-grade girlfriend gave him the best gift a young boy could have asked for. She said “why did you buy that guitar? You’ll never be able to learn how to play it! you wasted your money!” At least that’s how it was remembered and that’s all that young defiant skull full of mush had to hear. While most spent the next few years partying, Steve would be practicing feverishly in the woodshed on his guitar. It wasn’t long before Steve formed his own band. Influenced by so many Rock n Roll greats at this point, local success came quickly playing local venues, writing and recording music and including the release of an all-original album. While never leaving music far behind, he continued honing his guitar skills over the years while remaining a business owner and becoming a husband and father as well. The one thing that never changed, not even one little bit was his love, appreciation, and inspiration for the man that caused it all in the first place, Ted Nugent. To make an incredibly long story very, very short, believe it or not, Steve went on to build a personal relationship with Ted Nugent spending time at his home, trading a guitar and many other encounters. Steve and Ted remain in contact to this day! Steve is presently experiencing a renewed delirium after teaming up with the seasoned singer, songwriter and guitarist Rene Ellis for their new musical project “Tangent”. Tangent is an explosion of skill and creativity from four seasoned professionals. You won’t want to miss this!