John Bert Hill was Born in Miami Florida before learning the ways of the world growing up in the Motor City, Detroit Michigan, one of the Rock ‘n’ Roll capitols of the universe. From a musical family, John became aware of his innate musical abilities at a very early age. Filled with passion, energy and a love for people, it was clear John wanted to pursue his dreams of being a professional musician but the early question was what instrument would he choose. Inspired by his father’s skills on the guitar and his uncle on the piano, John’s forte seemed to be the way he could dissect intricate complex beats and rhythms. During this period it was becoming obvious percussion would be his calling. Inspired by so many of the greatest players like Mitch Mitchell, Carmine Appice, John Bohnom and many more, John enjoyed the good fortune of being surrounded by some of the greatest musicians throughout his fertile musical career. John has always performed from the heart, shows great versatility while maintaining a very humble disposition that allows him endless learning. If John is not playing, he’s not content in other words, John gazes at his drum set and says “you complete me”.